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Here It Is! The Theme Song for the 2022 East KY Flood Relief

Thank you for the work that you are doing on behalf of Eastern Kentucky's flood recovery work! 

The devastation of this 1,000 year flood galvanizes this quote from Harry Caudill, "No region has given so much to so many for so long and received so little in return." 

The flood of 2022 provides us all with a way to give back to Eastern Kentucky. Today that giving back comes with a song. 

The team of Kentucky Proud’s, Tree of The Field, requested a theme song for the Kentucky Disaster Relief. This is a new song by singer/songwriter Kristi Miller, from Berea. Musicians came together to support the cause and recorded it this week at Music Makers (Berea), and at the Lexington Public Library with Bryan Klausing. The video was produced by award-winning LexLanta Films. We hope you will consider this video for your team's theme and promotions.  Use it, sing it, film your own team working at whatever point of contribution you are doing. Please like it and share it and let's invite the nation to sing along with a region that has been hit but comes out singing. 

He Can Make That Work 

Thank You! 

Contact for Kristi Miller 

(859) 302-3103